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This is the cover of author Michael Puttonen’s book, Disrupter.



















Second book of Sanyel series.

106,800 words (approx.)

Available as e-book and in paperback (278 pages)


Owning a keen wit and intelligence, an ability to control animals, and following a life path unusual for a female in her male-dominated culture, sixteen-year-old shaman Sanyel is building a reputation in her small corner of the world as a formidable adversary and ally.


When a former foe arrives to ask Sanyel for help in rescuing his son from a madwoman’s cult, she has every right to be wary.  Borsar, the murderous priest, says he has changed and credits Sanyel herself for setting him upon his current humble path.  No one believes the fat priest and for good reason; his past is a bloody one.


Despite her doubts, Sanyel agrees to assist the man, but complications arise when a detour to the far side of the mountains through a mysterious tunnel leads to unexpected peril in the land of the Cruxun, a belligerent people who enslave or kill all outsiders.  Borsar proves a valuable and surprising companion as Sanyel and friends seek a way out of their dilemma.  An astonishing revelation awaits their group when the mysterious tunnel, a remnant of an advanced culture from the distant past, divulges its hidden purpose.









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