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Bones of the Gods

I have begun writing the fourth book in my ongoing Sanyel series, provisionally titled Bones of the Gods. I will post updates on my progress both here and on my Goodreads blog. To set the scene, nearly one year has passed since Sanyel's latest adventure, and she has settled down to a quiet life, hunting at her leisure, and fulfilling her gratifying duties as tribal shaman. She realizes, however, that her tribe's security depends on learning what potential threats exist beyond its borders, and thus feels it is time to return to an ancient mountain facility where a remarkable spinning globe shows their planet in living detail. She knows that the globe, a remarkable, highly sophisticated device from a long vanished, advanced civilization, can show her any location in the entire world in real time, right down to a clear visual of an individual rock or human being.

When an old acquaintance arrives with a request for Sanyel to help find his missing wife and daughter, she welcomes this opportunity to test the globe's capabilities. However, nothing is ever as easy as it appears, and Sanyel will wind up on another adventure that will prove both harrowing and mysterious, and could lead to a valuable discovery.

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