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This is the cover of author Michael Puttonen’s book, Seven and One Tales for Young Readers.




approx. 7700 words


This collection contains eight delightful and thought-provoking stories for young readers.  The stories touch on a variety of subjects, with a range of diverse characters and unusual plots.  Many of the tales are humorous, and all are previously unpublished.  They were written for grade school age children, but readers of all ages should find the stories entertaining.


Cilla and Smilla—twin sisters turn bettering the world into a competition

What Was That Fred Said?—a boy feels that he has been too predictable for too long

The Shadow Box—a boy with no shadow comes into possession of a mysterious box

The Cat Who Was King—how does a cat become a king, and is that a good thing?

The Bandylump—Farmer Frank needs help in ridding himself of a corn-eating nuisance

Grandpa’s Stories—Grandpa is wonderful at telling stories, but do any of them have an ending?

No Animals Allowed—if there are no animals allowed, then what are those?

The Hockenspock Tree—an ancient tree protects a town against trolls, but what happens when the town turns against its own?





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