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Circles and Stones

For anyone interested in my progress on the third book in my Sanyel series, I am currently six chapters into writing the first draft. I am diligently working, organizing the details of the plot as I go. I know where I’m heading; it just takes a while to get there. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the opening paragraph. It is subject to revision, but for now this is how the new book, tentatively titled Circles and Stones, begins: (Chapter One) As a child, I had never given much thought to time. It passed unnoticed. There was always a bountiful supply. When my father Nanki died, I realized how precious little time the sun god allots to a human life. Ra-ta, the enigmatic creator of all things, never tells us why he regulates our existence in this manner. Why we are born and why we die is a mystery, even though countless eons have passed since the first self-aware mind looked inward to solve this riddle. In between birth and death, the sun god gives us time. Time is a tricky thing. As you get older, it passes more swiftly; at least that is what Semral, the great hunter tells me. At sixteen, I don’t see it yet, though I am increasingly aware of its demands and limitations. The theme of time resonates throughout this story. The mystery of the grass circles with the single stone at their edge (from my previous novel, Disrupter) is a key element of this book, hence the title. I will strive to update my progress and perhaps throw in a few plot teasers in future posts.

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