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Anomalous simultaneous events

As a person with an interest in all things anomalous, I am constantly amazed by how often events occur that fit that description, even if on a minor scale. One phenomenon I noticed years ago concerns the simultaneous (or near simultaneous) occurrence of two separate events with a clear similarity but with no direct connection. I was reading a newspaper one day and the television was on in the background. I came upon a person’s name while reading, a person unfamiliar to me. Within no more than a second of reading the name, someone on the TV program mentioned that same person’s name. That was interesting—and strange—I thought. The article I was reading had nothing to do with the program on TV, yet the name came to my attention from both sources at exactly the same time. Then, on another occasion, a similar thing happened, a simultaneous occurrence that made me sit up and take notice because the coincidental events involved a word so rarely heard that I could not help but marvel at it coming up twice within seconds from two different sources. I began to pay more attention, and soon these strange, seemingly coincidental events started to pop up all over and in varying forms. A song on the radio comes to a certain word in the song; within a second or two I read that identical word in a book, or a pamphlet, or even on a can label. I know these simultaneous events occur fairly often, but the truly mind blowing ones are those involving something so unique that seeing or hearing them referenced twice within a span of a second or two seems highly improbable. Over the years, I have come across variations within the general phenomenon. I am reading the word hare and hear at the same time someone mention the word hair in a nearby conversation. What principle is at work here? They are not the same word, only sound alike, yet both choose to appear to me at the same time. I pointed out these “coincidences” to my brother, and to this day we both constantly notice these types of events. The puzzling thing about this is that we most often (but not always) experience these occurrences independently. His coincidences happen to him and mine to me. It’s as if these events are targeted to the experiencer. These incidents occur so often now that I just laugh when they happen. You hear people say all the time that they were thinking about a song and it comes on the radio, or something similar. That’s interesting in and of itself, but these occurrences I refer to seem to have nothing to do with what you are thinking about. They appear to be random. If what an individual experiences has any direct connection or meaning to the experiencer, I have not seen it. I’m sure this happens all the time to people, but how many pay attention when it does? It does make you think the universe works in ways that we haven’t even begun to understand.

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